Sheriffs Elected in Unique Socially-Distanced Ceremony

28 June 2021

Shrieval elections

On Thursday 24 June, the Master Brewer was pleased to represent the Company at a unique, socially-distanced ceremony to elect the Sheriffs of the City of London for 2021-22. The Sheriffs support the Lord Mayor of London, as well as looking after the Judges at the Old Bailey and ensuring that the court’s business runs smoothly. It is an important traditional role of the livery companies of the City of London, including the Brewers’ Company, to be involved in the election of the Sheriffs.

Elected to the office of Sheriff by those present during the ceremony were Alderman Alison Gowman and Alderman Nicholas Lyons. In advance of the ceremony, the nominees were interviewed by Victoria Russell, Chair of the City Livery Committee. A video of this interview can be viewed here. Due to pandemic restrictions, the body of voters was unfortunately reduced to one Liveryman per company, in most cases this was the Master or Prime Warden. A video of the full ceremony has been made available on the City Livery Committee website.